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Queen-Maxima-of-the-Netherlands-Jan-Taminiau-Investiture-of-Willem-Alexander-of-the-Netherlands-1 Dutch King Willem-Alexander sworn in

Willem-Alexander is sworn in as king of the Netherlands after the abdication of his mother, Queen Beatrix. Willem-Alexander has become the first king of the Netherlands since 1890, following the abdication of his mother.
He became the country’s first king since 1890 when his 75-year-old mother signed the abdication deed on Tuesday after 33 years on the throne.
Huge crowds of orange-clad partygoers are in Amsterdam to pay tribute.
Anna Holligan reports from the banks of the River IJ as the Royal Family disembarked from their boat for the evening’s parties.


Hezbollah’s Hassan Nasrallah in Syria pledgenasrallah_0

Mr. Nasrallah said reports that large numbers of Hezbollah’s fighters had been killed were lies; The head of Lebanese militant group Hezbollah has declared that Syria has real friends who will not let it fall to the US, Israel or Islamic radicals. Hassan Nasrallah said Syria’s opposition was too weak to bring down Bashar al-Assad’s regime militarily. He was speaking in an address broadcast on Hezbollah’s TV station al-Manar.


_67339573_9ng9fnpbGreeks stage 24-hour anti-austerity general strike

Greece has been hit by a wave of protests in recent months. A general strike against tough austerity measures has begun in Greece, with the country’s trade unions calling for «mass mobilisation» of protesters. The 24-hour action is expected to severely disrupt public services, including transport and hospitals. The organisers are demanding an end to cuts and tax rises, which have led to six straight years of recession.

HK boat crash report finds ‹errors›_67339285_63227126

A report into a Hong Kong boat crash which killed 39 people says «systemic failings» in the marine department contributed to the accident.


mqdefaultDrought drives farmer to suicide

The worst drought in 40 years leaves parts of western India without water for two years, stoking desperation.

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